We help you

  • Understand who you are, what you want, and need
  • Understand what makes you happy
  • Find focus, direction, and purpose
  • Ignite your motivation
  • And realize your true potential

so, you can Wake-up Happy each and every day

Why we exist


Hello, I'm Keiko Misson, a forward-thinking, positive life coach and counselor.

I have helped people, like you, who feel lost and confused with life, become positive, productive, and genuinely happy.

From my experience counselling in Japan, I formed the concept of the 'Wake-up Happy State,' a state of mind where you feel profound happiness, motivated, and content with life.

I combined this concept with developing a new coaching method called uCAN, designed to help you reach your 'Wake-up Happy State' and remain there for longer. Helping you achieve more, gain momentum, and rediscover your inner motivation to succeed in life.

I believe that everyone can achieve amazing things, be happy, and content with life.

Let me help you to find your 'Wake-up Happy State' and take the first steps on an incredible journey to a happier future.

You've nothing to lose, so book a free 30-minute consultation today.

What we use

The Wake-up Happy State Components

The Wake-up Happy State

The 'Wake-up Happy State' is a natural high, a 'happy state,' where you generally feel happy and content with life, where you wake up each morning with a smile and remain productive throughout the day.

The uCAN Method

The uCAN Method

The uCAN method represents a positive, forward-thinking, coaching technique that helps an individual reach their 'Wake-up Happy State' and remain there for longer.

And why we are different

We want you to be successful in a way that suits you
  • We tailor all our services to match your exact needs.
  • We offer a number of value added packages to help you achieve the best results for the best price, additional sessions are offered at a discounted rate.
  • Our uCAN method is designed to allow a high degree of flexibility. It can be adjusted accordingly to fit your time-scales and your requirements.
  • We offer many different forms of communication and contact, including Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, email, and the telephone.
Non conformance
  • We do not use a specific coaching style or philosophy; We choose the best tools and techniques that work for you
  • Our uCAN method provides us with the flexibility to continuously adapt and improve our offering when new activities, insights, and techniques appear.
  • We believe there is always room to improve and from time-to-time offer workshops with other coaches, across different sectors, to share and develop new techniques.

Book yourself a free 30-minute consultation today

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